Fred Meyer is Underpaying Women

FRED MEYER PAYS WOMEN LESS THAN MEN, $3.70* PER HOUR ON AVERAGE. Over a career this could equal $122,000 in lost wages. Workers are placed into either Schedule A or Schedule B when hired at Fred Meyer. They don’t get to choose. Schedule A earns around 25% more per hour than Schedule B.* Female workers are twice as likely to be placed in Schedule B. This system creates a wage gap for too many people.

Workers are struggling while corporations rake in record profits, but we can fix the gap at Fred Meyer with your help. It’s time to tell the bosses at Fred Meyer to fix the gap between women and men’s wages.


What does this mean?

For the average worker, that discrepancy between pay schedules adds up to a little more than $200 per month and around $122,000 total over their career with Fred Meyer. As you push your shopping cart through the aisles of a store, consider what $200 a month means to you. For a family struggling, it could mean the difference between just getting by and having nutritious food, clean clothes and basic comforts for growing kids. It could be a car payment, a necessary home repair, or enough money to cover rent. For many, $200 a month is a step up the ladder toward prosperity. We cannot just sit by and watch this happen. We must call for change.

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Union report: men out-earn women at Fred Meyer, Northwest Labor Press

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We can fix the gap at Fred Meyer. Here is how you can help:

Leave REviews

Please find your local Fred Meyer on Yelp, Facebook, or Google Maps and leave a review calling on management to fix the pay gap between female and male employees!


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